Thursday, January 20, 2011

2nd set of limbs for my take down bow the work starts......

I m going to build another set of limbs for my take down bow using the back end of the ski's. These i am hoping will be more power full than the first set. I will go step by step through the process and explain it as simple as possible.

Firstly i want to measure and cut the tips to the shape and size i want them. I measure 3 inches down and draw a line, then i find the centre and draw from the top to the 3 inch line. The tip size i want is 3/8 inch, so i measure 3/16th's of an inch either side of the line i just drew. I join the ends of the 3/8th line to about an inch up as shown on the diagram. (I tried to explain it simply)

Next i cut down the diagonal lines to form the rough shape of my tips.

Next using the 60grain sand paper i want to rough out the side that i m going to back to enable the glue to stick effectively. Because these are skis there is a thick layer of paint. I also drill the holes to attach the limbs to the handle of my take down. 

                                                                       (before and after)
To back these limbs in order to strengthen the back. I am using the last of the drywall mesh. I back each limb with 3 strips of this mesh cut a little longer than the limbs. So far (touch wood) i haven't had a bow snap using this method.

Using carpenters glue i spread a generous layer and add a single strip of the mesh. lightly spread it down from the centre out to get rid of bubbles. Do this to both limbs, wait about 30minutes and add another generous layer of glue, then a 2nd strip to each. After another 30minutes, add the 3rd strip.  Leave this to dry completely over night.   

In the morning this is what it should look like....

Using a pair of good scissors trim away the edges and use a hand rasp/ file to tidy up the limb corners. Don't sand the top of the mesh because this will weaken the backing.

Now i want to roughly file in the string nocks. For this i measure an inch down from the limb tip and mark.

Using a rat tail file at roughly a 45degree angle i file in the nocks. Make sure there is no sharp edges where the string is going to sit. Do not file away to much, play it safe more can be filed away later.

Nocks cut Time to tiller, I will go into tillering more when i make the next bow. This is what i start with i pull the string down until it gets slightly tough and hook the string on the tillering tree. Step back and have a good look at the limbs, make sure they re even. Also look to see where you need to remove some of the belly (with surform rasp) to weakening the limbs to your desired draw length. While stressing the bow always listen and watch the limbs for failing.

To the draw length i want, 30inches.

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  1. I ended up added wedges between the limbs and the handle to decrease the angle of the limbs before the bow is strung.


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