Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oops i shot it too much

The target i made has taken a fair fue arrows after hours of shooting. I was expecting the foam to wear out but not the frame and in one firing session. Its fixable though so i will have it back up and a s good as new in no time.

Thanks for reading my babble.

Does anyone know how good a memory foam cushion would be to use as a target? I want to find materials that will last longer.


  1. You know what makes a really good target that lasts a long time?
    A burlap bag stuffed with scrap plastic.
    They're easy to make. You can get a used gunny sack, burlap fabric from a fabric store, or buy an empty burlap target from an archery supplier. With your aversion to sewing I suggest either the gunny sack or the store bought target bag.
    Stuff the bag with scrap plastic grocery bags or plastic shrink wrap after a warehouse cuts it off a pallet. The shrink wrap is best as it will fill up the bag quickly and a warehouse will probably be happy to supply you with as much as you need.
    Stuff the bag tight, close the top, hang the bag up in your shooting area, have fun.
    When the burlap begins to get chewed up just turn the bag around and shoot on the other side. Add more plastic as necessary as it gets compacted from being shot into.
    When the bag is on its last legs just stuff the whole thing into another bag.

  2. Brilliant thank you i will do that and publish the result on here.

    Thanks again

  3. Here's an example of the store-bought style:
    It may be necessary to copy the url and paste it into your browser. I don't think the comments section supports hotlinks.
    I'm looking forward to hearing of your results.

  4. By the way... Happy Anniverary!
    I wish the two of you many happy years together.

  5. Thanks very much for both the url and the congrats, My wife sends her thanks aswell.

  6. another alternative is a cardboard box full of old rags or just scrap cloth. i use it and it works great.


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