Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My hand made quiver made from jeans.

I am building a Quiver , out of a pair of my wife's old jeans and a belt. To go with the bow that's going into it, i am adding odd coverings the same as the backing from the bow. I am sewing it by hand although i do wish i owned a sewing machine and also knew how to use one, I hate sewing.

The highest point on the quiver should be 4inches shorter than your arrows. Here i have used a wax crayon to mark the rough shape of the top. The top line is the cutting line, the other two are roughly where the rolled lining is going to be rolled into the top of the quiver to give it some rigidity.  

The material cut away from one of the legs of the jeans. I sew the bottom up as it is with the cotton.

The lining is made from jean material wrapped in duck tape.

I roll and sew the lining into the top of the quiver.

Lining sewn in. By this point i m hating sewing.

Here i have sewn on the belt using fishing line, this is the main carry strap so it needs to be strong. To carry my bow limbs whilst traveling, i have cut strips of the snake patterned material and made pouches for them (better pictures to come). I also sewed a strip onto the bottom for looks and strength (I wish i had and knew how to use a sewing machine).  

I now add a small pouch for limbs bolts, string and wax to just above the limb pockets.
Also i am fitting a hoop so i can attach the quiver to my belt when target shooting. To finish the opening i wrap it in the snake skin material almost finished so far i have snapped 7 needles and stabbed my fingers more times than i can count I HATE SEWING.

To carry the handle (riser) in the quiver i have made a pouch and sewn it so it hangs inside the quiver. T protect the bottom and prevent the arrows from piercing through the bottom, i stuffed it with some soft padding. 
That is the quiver finished and ready for action.

Tools and materials i used:
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 Black belt
  • Left over snake skin patterned leather from Take Down build
  • Black silk cotton  and needle
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • All purpose glue stick

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  1. Great job on the quiver, it really looks nice.
    I commend you for hand sewing; I hate it, too. If I didn't have an industrial sewing machine in the garage I'd be absolutely lost.


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