Monday, February 14, 2011

Which is the Superior bow type?

This is a post for my readers. I want to hear opinions and feedback.

Which type in your view would be the better choice for hunting and target archery. If you had to pick one to go to war with which one would it be??

 lets get a debate going.

Write your answers in the comments.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Looking for a cheap traditional alternative to dacron string.

I Recently wanted to look for a cheap more traditional alternative to dacron string. After doing a bit of research i read that linen was used to string the old war bows.

Whilst i was having a wander around Walmart i stumbled upon the knitting and beading section. Hanging there on the display was waxed linen cord for $2.50 a roll. Would be rude not to try it i thought so i bought two rolls and experimented.

It was my first time making a string so it took me a while. I wanted a string for my longbow because i was being impatient waiting for one i had ordered. Basing the number of strands on the dacron strings i made a 14 strand, 70amo string. It survived the stringing process but snapped after 3 arrows, Very annoying.

I left it for a while, then i built the 2nd set of limbs for my takedown and needed a string to test fire. Luckily the linen string snapped at the hoop end, so i cut the length down and added 6 more strands.

Fitting the finished string the bow i wasn't expecting much, I waxed it up and made sure it had no error reason to snap. So far i have fired 10 arrows with it and its still holding out, I will keep you posted.

Waxed linen cord
$2.50 at walmart

Thanks for reading my babble.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How i measure the draw weight for my bows.

To measure the draw weight of my bows, I bought a cheap luggage weighing scales from WalMart.
The scale goes up to 80 pounds and has a separate black arm that stays at the maximum weight pulled.
To measure the draw weight i place the bow on the floor back down. Using a yard stick next to the arrow rest and the scale hooked where the arrow is nocked, i draw the bow to my draw length on the yard stick. I will make a video and post it up to show further.
Photo0678 Photo0679

A handy place to buy reasonably priced equipment.

Helpful hints and tips very welcome!!

If anybody has any helpful hints about ways I could improve my work, please send them across. I will have a go at putting together a detailed build along for the next bow i make. Also if anyone has any questions i will do my best to answer or find the answer.

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