Friday, February 11, 2011

Looking for a cheap traditional alternative to dacron string.

I Recently wanted to look for a cheap more traditional alternative to dacron string. After doing a bit of research i read that linen was used to string the old war bows.

Whilst i was having a wander around Walmart i stumbled upon the knitting and beading section. Hanging there on the display was waxed linen cord for $2.50 a roll. Would be rude not to try it i thought so i bought two rolls and experimented.

It was my first time making a string so it took me a while. I wanted a string for my longbow because i was being impatient waiting for one i had ordered. Basing the number of strands on the dacron strings i made a 14 strand, 70amo string. It survived the stringing process but snapped after 3 arrows, Very annoying.

I left it for a while, then i built the 2nd set of limbs for my takedown and needed a string to test fire. Luckily the linen string snapped at the hoop end, so i cut the length down and added 6 more strands.

Fitting the finished string the bow i wasn't expecting much, I waxed it up and made sure it had no error reason to snap. So far i have fired 10 arrows with it and its still holding out, I will keep you posted.

Waxed linen cord
$2.50 at walmart

Thanks for reading my babble.

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