Monday, February 14, 2011

Which is the Superior bow type?

This is a post for my readers. I want to hear opinions and feedback.

Which type in your view would be the better choice for hunting and target archery. If you had to pick one to go to war with which one would it be??

 lets get a debate going.

Write your answers in the comments.

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  1. Well I am going to get this going by saying from what I have seen online the ultimate bow has to be the mongolian horn bow. Its a small compact bow that has got alot of power and can fire a fair distance. Also being made of horn it is more rugged than a wooden bow.
    The rate of fire would be the same as a long bow, but faster than modern day crossbow and compound bows.

  2. There can occasionally be a bit of bow snobbery in surveys like this. An individual who regularly uses a compound is going to advocate what they're familar with, ditto with an archer who uses a longbow or recurve.
    I'm going to generalize and say, traditional bow.
    While the compound is capable of good accuracy, arrow speed, and power, it's a delicate instrument. There's no finer way to sow chaos on the archery range than to hold up a small bolt or nut and loudly ask the compound shooters if anyone is missing a part on their bow.
    A traditional bow is simple, effective, accurate, and powerful. In the right hands it can decimate a French army of armored knights, as history has shown us. With a bit of skill a wood longbow can be made in the bush with the simplest of tools.
    The Asiatic recurve is a great bow but it can be a little delicate and it takes a tremendous amount of bowery skill to make a good one. It can also take a bit of time, too. The old bowyers sometimes let the glues they used for sinewing and laminating the parts together cure for months at each step to get the most strength from them.

    All in all, traditional vs. compound?
    Traditional hands down!

  3. traditional bows are more simplistic and easier to maintain, imo.
    compounds are more powerful, usually.

    in a survival situation, it's definitely easier to build your own traditional. i'd have to go with traditional.


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