Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why spend money on small game arrow heads when theres an alternative?

It been a while since my last post so hello again. Thank you to everyone who's read my blog and came back, I hope you have enjoy it.

I snapped my first arrow lately but instead of throwing it in the rubbish, I wanted to recycle it. I sawed off the rough edges and glued in a bolt that has a round head. This I will use to hunt small game such as Rabbit, Rats etc. I apologise for the picture quality, I need a new camera.

Another way to improvise a small game arrow head is by screwing a thin washer in behind your field points. The point of this is to slow the arrow on impact and cause more shock to the target. Neutralizing it quickly and humanly. Both of these methods do add a little weight to the arrow, but if you have got a power full enough bow, it shouldn't make much difference to the performance.

More to come soon the weathers getting better here so i will be out more.

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